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Day 16: Sunday, August 29th

by Cynthia

Getting up and around was slow. The hotel had a "breakfast bar" which consisted of Froot Loops, instant oatmeal, watered-down orange juice and weak coffee. I was starting to get used to this. The Froot Loops were bringing back memories of Saturday mornings in early childhood — "Conjunction Junction, what's your function?" Boy do I feel brainwashed — how 'bout you?

Loading up the truck became a photo opportunity. Since it's such a constant in our adventures we thought we'd capture the moment for editing purposes. We packed all our stuff and stacked it by the door in the room while April set up George up. In standard tempo we lugged, hauled and shoved our baggage in the tomb, climbed in and drove away. Well sort of — we drove out of the frame and then jumped out to grab George. That's the footage we won't be showing Ray (the guy we rented George from). He'd have a shitfit for sure if he saw us leaving his baby in a parking lot in Carlton, NV. If you think April is in love with George, you should meet Ray — now there's a love affair.

Heading west we find ourselves passing thru Winnemucca, NV. Another one of those towns I've heard so much about, but never thought I would have the pleasure of spending time there. As we began a discussion around where to go for interviews we spied a banner for Winnemucca's annual rodeo. Is it rodeo season everywhere? Well we wanted rodeo interviews and the opportunity has once again presented itself. We're gonna go for it this time!

**That's as far as we got with the digital diaries during the trip. Below is the outline that we meant to fill out once back****

Day 17: Monday, August 30th

Day 18: Tuesday, August 31st

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