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Day 10: Monday, August 23rd

by Kelli

Upon waking up we try to interview our very sweet motel owners from India. They declined, feeling that they do not have a strong enough grasp on our language to sound intelligent (what they don't realize is that they are leaps and bounds ahead of many native speakers, too bad). Instead we get into a great conversation with them about arranged marriages (theirs was) and how their move to the US will affect the way their children carry on their culture. They think their son may have an arranged marriage, however they doubt their daughter will go for it. She is currently studying in India, but she is very Americanized.

We headed down the main drag where we found that the cocktail lounge from the evening before doubled as a breakfast joint (efficient use of space). The morning special was two eggs, hash browns and toast for $2.25. Unbelievable!!! A focus group, consisting of the four of us, voted unanimously that they had the worst coffee EVER. It tasted like the water was leftover bleach water from cleaning the toilets and the coffee grounds were as weak as a two legged pup. IIK! We ventured on further down the extensive three-block Main Street USA (If you've been to Disneyland you've been to Hamburg, Iowa) to the cleverly named "Stoner Drug" store. Hey it brought us off the highway! The locals did see the humor in this like we did. We entered into the time-warped drug store complete with an old-fashion soda fountain bar. Instead of a soda jerk we found the sweetest lady behind the counter, pushing popcorn. Four interviews later, with retired farmers who have not yet gotten over the war with Korea, we are given four free bags of oily yellow Corn Pop popcorn and three microwave bags "for the road." Be careful, that is strong stuff. We then hit up an elderly man selling vegetables and watermelons out of the back of a classic blue pick-up truck. After the interview we thanked him and bought one of the most tasty watermelons I've ever had. We powwowed and decided that now was the time to get out of Hamburg. We had caused enough of a stir in town.

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