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Day 6: Thursday, August 19th

by Chris

Chris here ... sorry I don't have as creative or witty skills as Cynthia or the others, this will be short and, in comparison, boring ... sorry. We didn't depart from the lovely and hospitable home of Cynthia's family until eleven in the morning. It had something to do with what we call the "dicking around" factor and the fact that the left front tire on our truck seemed to be wearing poorly. Jeremy, being the southern gentlemen that he is, attempted to rotate it but the bolts were on too tight and we didn't have the proper tools. Anyway Jeremy managed to wreck a wrench trying to get the tire off, so we decided to go some 'place' and have it fixed. Finally on the road we stopped in Ozark, OK, where there was a lovely square and a down home café to interview folks. While the crew interviewed and shot footage, I went to get the tire rotated. A large down-home man in overalls fixed the tire and the emergency brake (that I had managed to disengage with sheer strength) for the astounding price of $10. After a nice lunch, several great interviews and the rotation of a tire we left heading for the next spot that Louis (Cynthia's uncle) had pointed out to us, a nuclear power plant on the shore of Lake Dandelle. It was amazing, a beautiful lake, rich lush forests and a huge billowing reactor.

It seemed strange. We entered a campground and found many trailers and RV's along the lake. After several interviews we realized that Cynthia becomes ornery and a bit argumentative after ten interviews in one day. We all cringed when she started debating with a Shriner about who had who in their political back pockets. Tired, we rested and told stories under the pines before heading out.

At sunset we arrived in a place called Wheatly, or as April said, "Wheatly, like Whitney Houston but different" ... April apparently had taken a silly pill, somethin' I'm most grateful for. She has since turned into the comic relief of the trip, at a time when it's most needed ... Although this is truly a wonderful experience it has been challenging and we all, individually and collectively, have our ups and downs. Anyways April has, from Wheatley on, been a great source of laughter and entertainment!

We took a swim in the pool (at the Ramada Inn along the freeway in Wheatly) and it turned into an au natural dip. Cynthia stayed in to update her wonderful diaries and April, Kelli and I went for a swim in the pool. Well, it turned into a nude Marco-polo game and sometime around the fifth round while Kelli raised her arms above the water and counted to ten with her fingers, two very small children cheerfully ran to the pool (it was around 10 pm). After surfacing and just after rubbing the chlorine from my eyes I saw the happy kids. Both Kelli (the current "it") and April where under water. I began a mantra... "Kids, kids, kids, kids...." I swam as casually but nervously to the other side of the pool where my bathing suit sat on the cement pool side. Wouldn't you know I couldn't get the damn thing on right. In the meantime Kelli and April had surfaced and heard my low-toned and steady call for clothing, they scrambled to cover themselves which proved difficult because Kelli never did have a bathing suit. One of the two children seemed never notice our absence of clothes, the other (a little girl) ran off to tell her parents and, I believe, the folks at the front desk. We managed to slither back to our room as quickly as possible, Kelli in April's bathing suit, April in a too small motel towel and I with my bottoms inside out and backwards.

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